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>> jimmy: we're back. kevin james and bas rutten, stars of "here comes the boom." which is in theaters on friday. we just did a very, i think, educational segment that -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: it really will help people out. >> it shows you the ins and outs of being on the street. what can happen. >> jimmy: and you taught this to kevin. that is really -- >> lethal weapon right here. always in stealth mode. >> jimmy: where are you from, bas? >> originally from holland. >> jimmy: from holland, huh? that's something else. i wouldn't have imagined a man of your violence and caliber being from a gentle windmill-like country. >> well, that's what they think. there's also heineken. >> jimmy: right. so, tell us about this movie. i've seen the movie, but tell the folks in the audience. >> i play, kind of like a lackluster biology teacher who gets inspired because they're going -- suffering cuts in the school and losing the music program, which is taught by henry winkler -- the awesome henry winkler. >> jimmy: the fonz. >> the fonz. [ cheers and applause ] >> the greatest -- nicest m
during 40 years of media stardom of jimmy savile. >> the culture at the bbc seemed to have allowed this behavior. >> welcome to gmt. david eades. also, the final phase of the presidential tv showdown as obama and romney debate foreign policy. who is the winner this time? gaza its first visit from the head of state, the premier of qatat brings a massive construction plan. it is 7:00 in the morning in washington, 7:00 p.m. in beijing and midday in london. jimmy savile was once the uk's favorite tv personality as the start the 1970's and 1980's. he was untouchable. peace sexually abused potentially hundreds of girls during his decades of success. now he's dead, but the scandal has come alive, reaching the top of the channel he was associated with, the bbc. today and the head of the corporation is facing questions from a parliamentary committee about how much he knew of jimmy savile's behavior and the decision to drop a hard-hitting tv expos a of the man at another time the the shell was preparing a glowing tributes of the man. first let's recap some of the main points. george entwistl
was an adviser to president-elect jimmy carter and he is noted for coining that transition memo he wrote to then president-elect carter, in which he said the key to being effective as president is a continuing political campaign. the notion was born man and popularized by book on political consultants when a teen 80s that has since become part of the common lexicon. >> host: how it should defend campaign? >> guest: it can be defined broadly or narrowly. the way i define as the extent to which a president focuses on electoral concerns throughout his term in office. by focusing the same presidential fundraising, and dedication to key electoral states to register them in office and the nature of electoral decision-making within the white house itself in recent administration. some people look at the campaign more broadly. the coupling operations, public opinion, but my focus is on the electoral questions the president confronted and how they deal. >> host: when we see president obama or president bush spending a lot of time in florida and ohio, that right there is the key? >> guest: exactly
and honored to be on your program. thank you. pat cadel was a adviser to the president-elect jimmy carter and he is a point of the transition memo that he wrote to the then president-elect carter in which he said the key to be effective as president is a continuing political campaign. and the notion was born then and was popularized by political consultant in the 1980's and it has since become a part of the common lexicon. >> how would you define the permanent campaign? >> it can be defined broadly or narrowly. >> it is the extent we the president focuses on the electoral concerns in his term in office. so i focus mostly on presidential fund-raising, on dedication to the key electoral state in office, and the nature of electoral decision making within the white house itself in the recent administrations. some people look at the permanent campaign more broadly. you can look at the polling operations and efforts to sway the public opinion. but my focus is on the electoral questions the presidents contract and how the deal with it. >> so when we see president obama were president bush standi
at this surveillance dealer from albany, georgia, a car dealership. it's 27-year-old jimmy. when he first walks in the door -- [ alarms ] >> that would be the alarm. >> jimmy is not supposed to be at this dealership after hours. he walks back out this sliding glass door. a little later, the alarm's not on anymore. jimmy walks back in, stands around. >> is he waiting for service? >> we see surveillance individual grow a little earlier. jimmy is using his car keys to get in some of the cars at this car dealership. >> he's trying to start these cars with his own car keys. >> did he lose his car? forget when he parked? drunk? what's going on? >> fantastic question, nick. police heard that alarm and started looking around. they found jimmy, according to reports, hiding in a back alley and started talking to him. what's going on? jimmy tells police that he had been partying, and he left his car at the lincoln-mercury dealership close by and was just coming to get his car back. the only problem is, jimmy's at uncle robert's used cars. he wasn't at the right dealership. >> he must have been at a heck o
what moneyny is? i'm guessing no because you're watching public television. >> jimmy fallon taking his audience to the land of make believe with mr. romney's neighborhood. coming up, fallon's spoof on decision 2012. so what really goes on at twitter. how you can see behind the scenes coming up in business new news. >> and a live look at 880 and oakland. we'll get a full look at the forecast. >>> welcome back. in pakistan a 14-year-old girl who was gunned down by the taliban is remaining unconscious in critical condition. she was targeted for speaking out in support of education for girls. doctors in pakistan removed a bullet from her neck today. yesterday a gunman shot her in the head and neck. the girl began writing a blog about life under the taliban and was an advocate for girl's education. she said she wanted to become a doctor. >> right now let's get to decision 2012. both presidential candidates doing serious battle in a key battleground state. today mitt romney continues his week long visit there to ohio. no rp,-c won the white house without carrying the buckeye state. earlier p
involving jimmy savile, a once popular presenter of a children's television program aired on the bbc. for more than two hours of questioning, george and whistle admitted that the corporations' reputation had been called into question -- george entwistle admitted that the corporation's reputation had been called into question. van in front of a special session of the culture committee of the house of commons, george entwistle admitted the scandal posed serious questions about trust. >> this is a gravely serious matter and one cannot look at it with anything other than horror, frankly, that these activities went on as long as they did. >> mp's wanted to know about the savile years, the decades in which one of the bbc pau's star presenters was able to abuse young girls without challenge -- bbc's start presenters was able to abuse young girls without challenge. then has the bbc taken any steps to identify who else was involved -- >> has the bbc taken any steps to identify who else was involved? >> it is something we are putting our disposals in. a pedophile ring would be a matter for a p
new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on for free samples i want to be a pediatrician. i was hoping to become a chef someday. as long as there is someone behind you pushing you and supporting you then you feel that you always have the strength to keep going. so get involved and do your part, invest in the future mentor a child. negotiations continue in evergreen park, where after several meetings, public school teachers remain on strike supporters gathered outside as the teachers union and district 124 school board members met for several hours today. both sides exchanged counter proposals. the board is providing more information on the proposals on its website at w-w-w dot d-1-2-4 dot org. >> these students deserve to be educated by a quality staff... on the entire school year. anything less would be unacceptable >> residents will get their stay at a community meeting scheduled for tomorrow night. teachers have been on strike since tuesday. the two sides are fighting over pay and a proposal
alleged child abuse by a former television star, jimmy sampvile. there is an unprecedented rise in the number of people reporting allegations of abuse. >> three weeks of sordid allegations against jimmy savile has had one positive consequence, say campaigners -- an unprecedented number of people have come forward to report allegations of abuse. the prolonged publicity surrounding the former bbc presenter has given people the courage to call help lines and tell their own stories. speaking on one program, one victim, whose identity we are protecting by calling her penny, says she was attacked when she was 22 and an office on bbc premises. her words are spoken by an actress. >> this person got me on to the floor, and i protested very strongly and called out, saying "no, please, no," because i had someone guessed what was going to happen. >> the national association of people and abused in childhood says they have had 2500 calls over the past two weeks. they usually receive it seven honored over the same period. rape crisis centers are reporting a 20% rise in colors. -- callers. >>
forward saying they were sexually abused by the late bbc children's tv host jimmy savel. shelving an investigation into him last year. >>> on the campaign trail president obama is back at the white house today. vice president joe biden campaigns in wisconsin and the first lady attends a prived fund-raiser in california. governor romney is campaigning in iowa and congressman ryan is in alabama before they both head back to ohio for a rally and ann romney will be in virginia. >>> in health news this morning, aspirin may help extend the life of some colon cancer patients. the over-the-counter medicine only benefited patients that have a specific mutation in their cancer, but the results were very promising. almost all the patients were alive after four years as to those who didn't. colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer in the u.s. >>> and now a look at how wall street will round out the week. the dow closed at 13,103 after adding 26 points yesterday. the s&p and the nasdaq were both up four overseas finished their and nikkei sunk 122 points. >>> a rare disappointment from app
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, beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine. >> jimmy fallon turns mitt romney in to mr. rogers. that clip and a check on weather when way too early comes right back. i've been coloring liz's hair for years. but lately she's been coming in with less gray than usual. what's she up to? [ female announcer ] root touch-up by nice'n easy has the most shade choices, designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes. with root touch-up, all they see is you. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> 5:44 as we look at a rainy times square on a wednesday morning. let's get a check on the weather. >> some of the worst weather in the country, murky in southern new england down to new york city. not a fun morning with the drizzle out there. also rain in areas of michigan moving now through areas say like from toledo to grand rapids and
the latest. polls, promises, and e predictions. >>> and first lady michelle obama gives jimmy kimmel a gentle message to make sure everyone gets up and votes on election day. >> election day! election day! up and at um! >>> good friday morning, everyone. the east coast is bracing for a direct hit by hurricane sandy. utility companies are busy ma making emergency plans. the storm is churning out in the caribbean where it's being blamed for at least 21 deaths. 11 of those in cuba alone. let's begin with nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: sandy's early warning came as the storm lashed the caribbean. violent winds and driving rains battering the island, cuba taking the most direct hit. >> i have been watching it for the last two or three days. i saw this morning that it's headed this way. >> reporter: models show sandy brush i brushing the mid-atlantic and targeting the east coast early next week. if the forecast holds, new york could take a direct hit. >> we have opened the office of emergency management situation room already. the nyc coastal storm plan was activated early this morning. >> early sign
' last-minute promises in the push to election day. >>> first lady michelle obama gives jimmy kimmel a gentle message to make sure he and everyone else gets up and votes on election day. >> election, election day! let's go, move! >>> good friday morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry and the east coast is bracing for a direct hit by hurricane sandy. officials are busy making emergency plans. the category 2 storm is churning out in the caribbean where it's being blamed for at least 21 deaths. 11 of those in cuba alone. let's begin with nbc's jay gray. >> sandy's early warning came as the storm lashed the caribbean. violent winds and driving rains battering the islands and cuba take aing the most vicious hit and now the storm turns its attention towards the east coast. >> i have been watching it for the last two or three days and i saw this morning it is headed this way. >> reporter: models show sandy brushing the mid-atlantic through the weekend and targeting the east coast early next week. if the current forecast holds, new york could take a direct hit. >> we've opened the office emergenc
-up is good. 79-70. that was nearly picked off by jimmy butler. barea, the veteran telling his guys, come on, we have to finish this off. a nine-point t-wolves lead with 55 seconds. barea runs through traffic. [whistle] and then back to budinger. they can offered to run some clock here. shot clock to 10. shved inside. pekovic, no. but he is going to get to the free-throw line. the foul is on taj gibson. that is his sixth. gibson fouls out. 18 minutes, 1-5 from the field, five rebound and four points. stacey: the bulls are going to have a couple of days off before they have to get back on tuesday. again, this is going to be a process. so many new players. missing luol deng tonight, and rip hamilton, who would have made a difference. neil: and those were not injuries. tib just wanted to give them a night off. you see this happen all the time in the preseason. stacey: and it may be other players later. kirk hinrich has played a lot. he has 31 minutes and jimmy butler has 47 minutes. he needs to get as much time playing in the preseason as possible. neil: hi
. >> we should point out, jimmy for years was the specialist for berkshire hathaway. if you've ever traded shares of warren buffett's favorite stock, this is the guy you were buying or selling from. it's a question you've been asked so many times. a memorable day for you either on the floor here, and today doesn't count. >> a memorable day would be the day that president kennedy was assassina assassinated. that had to be beyond any other experience i've ever had. >> what an amazing run. >> jimmy, an old friend of yours maria, she couldn't be with us today, but she's wanting to chime in. he doesn't have an ear piece, so he can't hear you. go ahead. >> i just want to say what an amazing day and i want to thank jimmy for his leadership. i remember when i first got down there almost 20 years ago and he was among the people who were very supportive to me and showed such leadership then and throughout his career, so thank you, jimmy. congratulations on an amazing, amazing career you've had on wall street. >> her brief period here that she spent at new york stock exchange, as she's joking about,
their fans comic relief. >> i'm jimmy. i was born in bay ridge. i grew up in the basin. tonight, i have returned to save my people from the storm. that's very kind. thank you for ignoring the local authorities to be here tonight. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel, 3,000 miles from his usual studio home, back in his hometown. >> a lot has changed since i lived in brooklyn. the last time i was here, i don't remember a hurricane trying to murder me. >> reporter: while kimmel got cheers from his audience. another late-night jimmy played to an empty house. jimmy fallon hit the streets of midtown manhattan before heading inside to deliver his monologue to no one. >> welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everyone. keep it down. >> reporter: he made a nod to the weirdness the night before. >> thanks to our audience for making it to the show tonight. [ applause ] i'm so glad you're here. last night's audience was the worst. >> reporter: and it's been a ghost town two nights running, as david letterman hit the stage, in what he called the ed sullivan shelter. >> we felt we would be putting the audie
a complaint against jimmy winn. the accusations are flying and so is the campaign money. political signs plaster the landscape in san jose's evergreen district. rose herrera is asking for another four years on the city council. she's backed by business. her opponent is jimmy winn supported by labor and the sparks are flying. >> this complaint details mayor reid's illegally funneling of $100,000 in cash. >> police and fire unions filed this complain the with the fair practices commission, accusing the mayor of using a political committee to illegally finance herrera's bid for re-election. >> they have a right to help raise money to support the independent expenditures that people want to do to support councilmember herrera. >> this morning, a herrera supporter filed a counter charge against winn, accusing him of shady campaign fund-raising. why are both sides spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for one highly coveted seat? >> the unions are trying to take control of the city council. if they can knock councilmember herrera out, they think they can overturn all the pension reforms an
day. and michelle obama gives jimmy kimmel suggestions to make sure everyone gets out to vote on election day. >> up and at 'em. let's go. move it. let's go. move it. move it. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good friday morning everyone. i'm lynn berry, and the mid atlantic is bracing for a direct hit by hurricane sandy. government officials and utility companies all along the eastern seaboard are busy making emergency plans, and if you plan to travel east within the next week or have family and friends here, you're going to want to pay attention. so far this storm is being blamed for at least 21 deaths across the caribbean. 11 of those are in cuba alone. this is anticipated to be a really impactful storm. and nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking sandy for us. he's been doing so all week. bill, what's the latest? >> good morning to you, lynn. the storm is just off the florida coast. tracking all the way up and down the eastern seaboard. so many people on the west coast travel there or have family and friends that could be impacted by this storm. a lot of
15 minutes. hello, jimmy john's? someone order jimmy john's? [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] jimmy john's. order online at [ indistinct talking on p.a. ]
was never found. >>> we are back to sandy. sandy affecting late night tv. jimmy fallon in front of an empty audience. >>> i'm bob redell. i'll have everything you need to know if you want to attend the parade tomorrow. >>> the dow is not up or down. the markets are closed for the second straight day. we will take a look at that in business news. >>> marla mentioned to fog out there. there it is. low hanging clouds over the san mateo bridges. christina loren will be back to fill us in on the local weather forecast. looking good for tomorrow's parade. hang in there. >>> another element that sandy is affecting is the presidential campaign now just seven days away. >> campaigns are on hold because of the superstorm. tracie potts has that side of the story. >> reporter: instead of campaigning today as planned, president obama is at the white house and warning americans. >> please listen to what the state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. >> reporter: he declared emergencies in eight states, plus washington, d.c. before the storm. virginia and w
with the tonight show with jay leno and the late show with jimmy phelan. >> big-time movie star, denzel washington on the program. but will talk with them, and let's check in with jimmy. >> everyone in baltimore at people here, [applause] see you tonight after jail and out. >> of the eve of the world series, the manager of baseball , details next in sports. >> it is tuesday, and tonight to mega millions jackpot is an estimated -- you just have to match five balls and the gold medal. the first number is 42, 55, 17, 1, 46. the gold megaball is 1. if nobody matches all six numbers, friday's jackpot will numbers, friday's jackpot will be wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> this is 11 sports. >> the bye week brings a great opportunity to sell to evaluate for all nfl teams. the ravens by week
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on the tv and radio personality jimmy savile. a bbc statement said an editor had given an inaccurate and incomplete explanation of his decision to drop the report which alleged that jimmy savile had sexually abused children. i am joined in the studio by our correspondent. david, for the benefit of our viewers around the world, who is this man jimmy savile and why is this causing so much confusion? >> he had much influence as a media figure. he was pretty much the first dj in britain and was the birth of pop music and a friend to the stars. he raised tens of millions of pounds for charity and have special access to charities and children's homes and was seen as a great hero. then suddenly we find out what he had been doing over the last 50 years, allegations that he abused more than 200. news nightside did have a good idea of what was going on, had an investigation under way. this was in december last year. the investigation was stopped and that is what this is all about. >> another reason why the bbc is involved, is allegations some of the abuse might have happened on bbc promises. >
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bolt here. oh, what's that, jimmy? and you just miss one. or the meeting at the end where they're like, i've got these bolts left over, where do they go? >> i don't know what these are for. >> it's not like ikea where you can throw out the extras. >> it seems like it works. >> you see the guys in the white bunny suits. they tape everything off. they tape offed l ethe letters united. put that bill stripe on it from nose to tail. there it is at the end. the doors open. it's like voila. >>> a prank where this guy, well, wants you to start him up. >> oh. >> you would never imagine, though, what he does when you do wind him up. >> oh, boy. >> we're winding it up on "right this minute." . >>> and technology that allows you to control a cockroach leg with your mind. >> wait. >> see the gadget that will give you the heebi hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neit
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but watch football. e a bye.ns hav we will have a full half hour after the game. jimmy johnson won five straight cups but gave up the title last year to stewart. not a high-speed track. more about technique and good pit stops. 20 laps to go. comes out in second place. five laps later, he retakes the lead. a good pass for him to get in front. he handled the restart well. all that leads to a win. jimmy johnson moves into first place in the standings. please stay with us for another check in the forecast after this. >> with rough weather comes the potential for power outages. >> we will find out the best way to get your power turned back on. on. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. >> we want to be realistic with you. we shoul
to investigate the predatory activities of the late mr. jimmy southall? >> i think my friend makes an important point. the allegations and what seems to have happened are completely appalling. i think are shocking the entire country. these allegations to lead many institutions, particularly the bbc, with serious questions to answer. i think above all the question, how did he get away with this for so long? the most important thing is the police investigation is properly resourced and this allowed to continue. i don't rule out further steps but we do not have independent investigations by the bbc, independent investigations into the nhs, and today i can confirm the drug of public prosecutions has confirmed his principal legal advisor will occur and review the papers from time when a case was put to the cps for prosecution. the director specifically is going to consider what more can be done to alert relevant authorities whether it concerns but it prosecution has not taken forward. other institutions must do what they can do to make sure we learn the lessons of his that can never happen again. >>
and her challenger jimmy wynn. herera says this whole battle is about fiscal reform, but jimmy wynn says it's about safety. >> we just came by to say hi. >> reporter: she spent the morning shaking hands with potential voters in evergreen. rose herera finds herself in a bitter battle to keep her seat on the san jose city council. >> if you have done good things in the community as an elected, and you're proud to run on your record, then that's really what it's all about for somebody who is asking for another term. >> reporter: but herera has come under fire by police and other unions for her support of pension and other fiscal reforms. >> i supported it. it was the sixth vote. i took that stand. that's why they're angry at me. i'm sorry that they're angry at me, but i have to do what is right for whole city. >> reporter: the police union says herera has ignored the rise in crime in evergreen. >> i'm running for san jose city council. if you could vote for me november 6th, i greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: which is why the police union and the powerful labor movement have poured tens o
for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on for free samples [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know. >> after just under a year and half jean-claude brizard has given up his post as ceo. barbara bennett is now charged with taking public schools to the next level and she says she is in the long haul. bottom line maher says speculation about the future of his hand-picked school's team was getting in the way of that mission. he had to go not only was it the end but emanuel and brizard insist that both realized that in fact brizard said that he brought it up rumors had surfaced that he was not happy he's not returning calls tonight but in a statement the outgoing ceo said as the d
, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on for free samples chicago's top cops and community leaders all tackling the city's gun violence problem. people were asked to leave the twitter hash tag up what it chicago. 300,000 chimed in with suggestions. give it to whoever you want sell it to whoever you want and then it two years later when we recover the gun at the scene of a murder we go back to you and you say that guy was killed the two years ago. chicago ideas week runs through the 16th with more than 80 sessions city-wide. the charter schools network may take them. i think cbs is looking for options. schools that are either failing or under and rolled we have learned that 12 school mobile charter school network was also asked. considering taking over existing failing schools and bringing our own charter schools into the system we are seriously considering that. he runs a rapidly growing network of charter schools. rendell says the proof is in the pudding. not everyone agrees, many parents say that charter s
boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on youtube. congressman jesse jackson jr. is back at the mayo clinic in minnesota checking himself in for another round of treatment for bipolar disorder they are urging the public to be patient in his recovery the south side democrat has been off the job since june he has legal woes as well and is under federal investigation for alleged misuse of campaign funds yet he remains on the november ballot and is expected to with the reelection. >> allocation, at home or in a nursing facility we have more on the changes being called the game changer. the obama administration gave the green light to extend medicare coverage even if it will cost the government more it used to cover physical and occupational therapy and things of that sort only if improvements to the patient's condition could be proven but it will not take care services that help maintain a person's current condition or help prevent further deterioration of regardless of whether their
panetta warns of a cyber pearl harbor coming from iran and it may have already begun. all on >>> jimmy, after last night's debate i keep picking those hot romney stocks and sectors. good evening, everyone, i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." our top story tonight, paul ryan's resounding victory in last night's debate with vice president joe biden. the first ten minutes sealed it. 43 million people watched and the polls are showing a snap cnn poll gave the win to ryan and so did the cnbc survey. biden's snarky, disrespectful laughing and out-of-control interruptions hurt him enormously. plus, he gave no reason for barack obama to be reelected ryan played and cool and smart. the best line today from marco rubio. take a listen to this. >> let me tell you, it's not easy to do a good job onstage when you have a heckler on the stage with you. >> biden misled everyone with a string of falsehoods. tonight we have the man who developed the cia's program that detects deception. what you'll hear from him is going to shock you. then again, maybe it won't. >> plussic brai ibreaking news,
ford faced off against challenger jimmy carter, honestly, this one shouldn't even really count as part of the context like the rest of them because this one was almost too unusual. in terms of the reaction from that first debate, you want to know who won that debate? well, watch. >> good evening. here's what did it. a capacitor. a tiny electronic component costing less than $1. a capacitor blew out last night in an amplifier abc was using to feed the pool side to all the networks, plunging president ford and jimmy carter into unaccustomed silence and irritating 90 million people. that's why. >> it's so weird how this has gone down the memory hole in terms of the way we think about televised president bl debates. in 1976 in the first debate ever where a sitting president faced his challenger in a televised debate, i mean, yeah, it was mixed reviews in terms of who won. mostly that was because everybody was so preoccuied with the fact the debate collapsed on television in a technicality. watch this. >> one of the very serious things that's happened in our government in recent years and h
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